Some Good Good Goodies. Keep them in your wallet

Source: Google Special dedication to Abrafi, Ellworth, Nick, Laurentine and Billey. Your curious minds inspired this write up  How do I negotiate with buyers as a young Realtor? A Realtor is basically a real estate agent, affiliated to a professional body like the National Association of Realtors. To be able to negotiate with buyers... Continue Reading →


Digital Land Title Registration; “Yay or Nay”

Is the Digital Land Title Registration Proposal Likely to Fix Our Land Administration Setbacks Considering the Failure of Numerous Attempts Made Under the National Land Policy, Purposely Enacted for Effective Land Management and Administration Carried Out Under the Framework of LAP or Is It Going to Be Yet Another Platform for People to Waste/Make Money... Continue Reading →

To Own A Condo; Steps to Follow

For some time now, our focus has been on high rise buildings, specifically luxury apartments. Today is the very last bit of the series and it is specifically dedicated to Eunice Peterson, who has been the inspiration behind this. The acquisition process of apartments may have some slight differences depending on the company involved. However,... Continue Reading →

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