Remittances are classically defined as monetary funds sent by individuals working abroad to recipients in their home country. Here in Ghana, it is a very common practice to have relatives abroad send money to family members to build or purchase family homes. Such monies are usually sent to trusted family members with the thought that... Continue Reading →


Just Because They’re Cute❤

Oh my love for architecture, I just love the idea of someone transforming plain bricks, sandcrete blockSELRES_69b94ac3-a067-4381-9b48-7862ef6d407cSELRES_69b94ac3-a067-4381-9b48-7862ef6d407cs, mortar, glass and wood into something so creative, artistic, innovative, catchy and pleasing to the eye. A masterpiece I may say. I always had the passion to become an architect since the age of 6. I said to... Continue Reading →

To Own A Condo; Steps to Follow

For some time now, our focus has been on high rise buildings, specifically luxury apartments. Today is the very last bit of the series and it is specifically dedicated to Eunice Peterson, who has been the inspiration behind this. The acquisition process of apartments may have some slight differences depending on the company involved. However,... Continue Reading →

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